Innovative End-to-End Platform for DOOH

Accomplish more through automation. All with the most advanced platform for DOOH which blends CMS, Ad server and playback.

  • Cloud based platform

    Connect to your LiveDOOH from anywhere, anytime. All you need is an internet connection and a computer.

  • API integrations

    Feed data into the system for an efficient targeting. Easily integrate LiveDOOH with external CRM, ERP or invoicing platforms.

  • All formats supported

    Our platform plays all native formats (images, videos, Flash, etc.) and also supports HTML5 and live content.

Ad Server and SSP for DOOH

LiveDOOH's platform takes a unique approach, employing ground-breaking technological innovations to eliminate barriers that until now have made digital out-of-home a rigid and time-consuming medium to manage.

Look and feel

An easy to use interface, for marketers and programmers alike

Monitoring and reports

You get player status in real-time (uptime, last update), remote management (firmware update, player restart, etc.) and reports that allow you to measure, react and monetise best.

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