Influence in-store purchase behaviour

Put your sales related data to good use. Deliver ads at just the right moment and see your sales maximised.

  • Enable better targeting

    Get an overview of product performance on a per minute basis and develop you cross-sell and up-sell strategy.

  • Automatic optimisation

    Let LiveDOOH react and automatically adjust your campaigns to improve your expected ROI.

  • Say goodbye to loops

    Get rid of boredom with a dynamic placement based on goals, time, location, and data with only a few clicks.

  • Efficiency measurement

    Track and assess effectively the outcomes of your POS advertising strategies in each of your stores.

Platform functionalities

Integrate with data sources

Have a complete performance overview with real-time data feed in the system by each store’s Points of Sale.

Plan ahead using predictive data based on sales history for your ad targeting.

Prepare for the future! Build your new monetization channel through 3rd party advertisements.

Dynamic in-store advertising

Promote products according to the day of the week and time of day. Set up once and let the platform automatically do the rest.

You can manage a single or thousands of digital signage displays using LiveDOOH. Just set them up and leave our engine to do the work for you.

Show your ads to the people most likely to buy. Have different content on each digital screen, according to your store sections.

Monitoring and analytics

Player status in real-time (uptime, last update) and email alerts (screen failure, disk full, no connection).

Real-time proof-of-play for each of your displays or campaigns.

Evaluate the performance of different POS advertising strategies and optimise based on their results.

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