Influence purchase behavior directly at Point-of-Sale


Increase sales with dynamic POS advertising

livedooh intelligent optimization finds the best place and time to advertise your products, increasing your customer’s engagement, thus incrementing your expected sales.

Adjust Ads based on consumer behavior

Let livedooh react and automatically adjust your campaigns to improve your expected ROI.

Audience measurement included

Track and assess effectively the outcomes of your POS advertising strategies in each of your stores.


Integrate with internal or external data sources

Optimize the advertising of your products by integrating with store based sales history and targeting data. livedooh will use this information to display the right product at the right time.

Dynamic POS advertising

Distribute dynamically context related ads based on time and location to reach as many audience as possible in your target group.

Reporting & Analytics

Use our reporting and analytics tools to evaluate the performance of different POS advertising strategies and analyze their results.

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