We are simplifying dooh advertising
with our advanced campaign management software.


Reach your targeted audience

livedooh incorporates the use of location and targeting data to reach a specific target group, incrementing the efficiency of your campaigns and increasing the value of the DOOH channel.

Dooh campaign management software

Create campaigns based on geolocation and targeting values and integrate them easily in a cross-media marketing campaign.

Standardized monitoring and reporting

Show your clients the performance of their ad campaigns with comprehensive reports.

livedooh brings transparency into the digital out-of-home industry by enabling programmatic marketing. Using livedooh, the effort required to plan and measure any campaign gets significantly reduced facilitating the integration with cross channel campaigns.


Automated campaign distribution– no loops

livedooh automatically distributes ads based on the relationship between the target group, the location and the goal of the campaign.

Campaign templates

livedooh enables the creation of templates for advertising campaigns, which can be reused for different target groups.

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